The Green ProgramThe Green Program is the only totally "closed loop" 3TG Mineral Traceability Certification program for "conflict minerals" from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Great Lakes countries that allows companies to comply with the Dodd-Frank/SEC Rules and comply with the "reasonable country of origin inquiry" requirements.  According to the UN Group of Experts and Global Witness the "armed groups" and individuals in the "upstream" portion of the 3TG mineral supply chain that starts at the mine sites in the DRC and surrounding countries is much more dynamic than the International Tin Research Institute (ITRI) sponsored iTSCi "bag and tag" process.  The U.N. Group of Experts and Global Witness have repeatedly reported that "conflict minerals" freely flow through the iTSCi "bag and tag" operations and into the global 3TG minerals supply chain unhindered. 

Currently, if your company relies on the EICC/GiS smelter certification process or the ITRI "bag and tag" certification to comply with the SEC "conflict minerals" reasonable country of origin inquiry then you cannot ignore the "red flags" that the UN Group of Experts and Global Witness have identified in great detail as present in these exclusively "paper trail" 3TG mineral certification in a region with the historically highest levels of corruption. 

The SEC Rules require corporations to do more than engage in a "paper trail" exercise, especially when "
red flags" are identified. The reputation risk to the corporate brand and the C-Level executives who take a head in the sand approach and simply engage in an expensive paper audit public relations exercise is significant.

The Green Program uses a combination of scientific technology, geologic expertise and local knowledge of the mining sector in the DRC and Great Lakes region to give you the peace of mind that your supply chain is secure.  Beginning in 2014 the SEC requires that the C-Level executives in US based companies must certify the accuracy of Conflict Minerals Report.  How certain are you that your 3TG mineral supply chain program is keeping "conflict minerals" out of the consumer electronic, automobiles, aircraft/aerospace and industrial equipment that your company sells into the US markets?

The Green Program is here to assist you identify and fill the "red flag" gaps in your global 3TG minerals supply chain.

What sets The Green Program apart is our in depth knowledge of the "upstream" portion of the global 3TG minerals supply chain.  No other 3TG minerals certification program was designed by mining experts, engineers and geologists with local DRC and Great Lakes mining sector experience.

Insist on The Green Program 3TG mineral certification stamp of approval that keeps "conflict minerals" out but reports worker fatalities and injuries, mine safety and environmental risks right to your desk at a fraction of the cost of "certification" systems that cannot even keep "conflict minerals" out of your finished products. 

Just one example of the insecure "chain of custody" control of the iTSCi program "bag and tag" 3TG mineral certification process.

Insist on the only industry independent 5 level certification program that gives you scientific proof your 3TG mineral supply chain is free of "conflict minerals" so your products can truly be certified free of "conflict minerals". 

Insist on The Green Program 3TG mineral certification stamp of approval.  

Newly updated overview of The GREEN PROGRAM. The only 3TG Minerals Traceability Certification program for the DR Congo and other Great Lakes countries that provides "traceability" and allows companies to conduct a "reasonable country of origin inquiry" as required by the Dodd-Frank legislation and SEC Rules.
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