Is your company continuing to pay the hidden Conflict Minerals Tax, Corruption Fees,
Illegal Financial Flows Tax and Poverty Taxes?

Don't be fooled by expensive "conflict minerals" paper trail, chain of custody traceability certification that lack scientific proof and leave you facing even more "red flags" of non-compliance.  After spending billions of dollars over 7 years  there is no major US company that can report they do not have conflict & poverty minerals in their products.  Even inadvertent violation of OFAC leaves you exposed to prosecution risk.  

Our cost-efficient, scientifically based, "closed loop" Socioeconomic Mineral Certification process removes "conflict and poverty minerals"
and these hidden and illegal "taxes and fees" to give you complete compliance with UN Global Compact, SEC, EU, OFAC and FCPA.

We pass our cost savings on to the miners, your company & investors and the consuming public.
Which Profitability and All-Risk Mitigation Solution Do You Want? 

The Green Program defines the new global resource development, mineral supply chains and investment vehicle that bridges the socioeconomic divide between resource rich developing economies, companies who need a stable mineral supply chain and impact investors.  We develop socioeconomic minerals sourcing, certification and foreign direct investment (FDI) strategies that match expectations for long-term profitability and local socioeconomic development objectives. 

We deliver sustained and increasing profitability for businesses that is enhanced by innovative local, value-added activities in resource rich developing countries.  We focus on mineral certification, local renewable energy generation & mini-grid distribution, worker and mine safety, environmental protection, mine site remediation, child labor safe, labor relations, security and forensic project & business outcome analysis.  

Our Socioeconomic Mineral Sourcing & Certification is the only global mineral supply chain process that also fosters transparency and local economic growth as an integral part of resource development activities.  We offer the only complete Socioeconomic Mineral Certified process that offers "DRC Conflict Free", "Child Labor Free", "Living Wage & Safety Enabling", "Environmentally Responsible Sourced" and "Corruption Free" certification with real-time data and mapping information delivered anywhere in the world. 

Tomorrow is too late for solutions The Green Program delivers TODAY!

Click on the pictures below to visit our pictorial essay to understand why
Socioeconomic Mineral Resource & FDI Certification is required.


The Green Program focuses on delivering responsibly sourced minerals, certification and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and operational business solutions. We specialize in technical mining sector expertise, labor/crisis intervention issue resolution, entrepreneurial training and incubation activities.  We can deliver our socioeconomic business and investment model to businesses and governments in all resource rich developing and post conflict economies.  Don't settle for expensive, partial solutions that decrease your profitability and increase your risks. 

Our industrial minerals and 3T&G "conflict minerals" sourcing and certification is cost-efficient, transparent, scientifically based compliance that exceeds the 10 Core Value Principles of the UN Global Compact, OECD Minerals Supply Chain Due Diligence Guidelines, US Dodd-Frank 1502 & 1503 Legislation, OFAC, FCPA, US SEC Rules and EU DirectivesMore..  


Impact Investment and Sponsorship

The Green Program offers exceptional socioeconomic impact and emerging market returns.  Grow solutions with us that deliver impact.  More..