Who We Are

The Green Program defines the new global resource development, mineral supply chains and investment vehicle that bridges the socioeconomic divide between resource rich developing countries, companies who need a stable mineral supply chain and local populations.  We develop socioeconomic minerals sourcing, certification, foreign direct investment (FDI) and local development strategies that match expectations for long-term investment profitability concurrent with local development objectives.

We excel at matching expectations with resource development goals to strengthen profitability.  We offer specialized resource development expertise, mineral certification, local renewable energy generation & mini-grid distribution, worker and mine safety, environmental protection, mine site remediation, labor relations, security and forensic business analysis.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs in global resource development projects have traditionally been approached as a separate activity with funding that is completely detached from the local resource development activities.  This disconnected approach to CSR programs has universally failed to deliver social or economic development for local communities and long term resource development returns for investors.  The dynamics of the traditional African resource development business and investment model fails to drive development as much as the financial flows out of Africa. 

The Green Program's innovative Socioeconomic Business and Investment model integrates local value added activities into the investment operating plan while combining transparency, mineral & business operational certification and training in ways that deliver increased investment profitability with sustainable local economic development.    

The Green Program designs tomorrow's ideas so they deliver solutions TODAY!


The Green Team

The Green Team of experts is experienced in all technical and business aspects of global business and resource development.  Our team delivers results.  More..

Impact Investment Opportunity

The Green Program offers exceptional value and returns with our Impact Investment opportunity. Grow solutions with us that deliver profitability and socioeconomic impact with emerging market returns.  More..

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Join with us to have an immediate, direct impact on socioeconomic development in resource rich developing economies.  More..