A pictorial essay on why Socioeconomic Mineral Certification is required.

Hundreds of miners are killed and injured each year and usually statistics are kept.
This mine site was owned by American Investors for more than 7 year and fored the workers to work in these conditions. 
Conflict Minerals, child labor, breathing and serious health conditions, extreme poverty and corruption
will always flow into the finished products until complete Socioeconomic Mineral Certification
is the basic operating business model in Resource Rich Developing Economies.

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Ask us how easy it to increase your resource development or manufacturing profitability with
  complete Socioeconomic Mineral Certification of your mineral requirements and production.


Chain of Custody "bag and tagged" certified minerals.  Can there be any proof "conflict minerals" are not smuggled into the open bags?
There were more than 1.5 m ton of chain of custody certified minerals missing.

Currently ALL of the existing 3T&G "conflict minerals" certification program
rely only on a "paper trail" audit to prove there are no "conflict minerals".

The US Dodd-Frank Legislation requires companies to report on mine site deaths and safety records. 
Currently there is no 3T&G mineral certification process to address miner deaths or mine safety.
Illegal financial flows of the mineral wealth leaves the region because none of the current 3T&G
"paper trail" certification programs reveal the value of the minerals the miners sell.
Virtually 100% of all miners are freelance workers with no benefits, have an average of 6 to 7 children
(of which 50% die before the age of 10), live in a house of sod bricks and earn between $200 and $400 per year.

The Green Program Socioeconomic Mineral Certification program provides minerals that are certified "Conflict Minerals Free", "Child Labor Free", "Living Wage and Safety", "Environmentally Responsible Sourced" and "Corruption Free" compliant.

The choice is transparently clear and the choice is up to all of us Invest, Sponsor or Support The Green Program
or agree that these kids and people must be forced to live and work in these conditions to support our technology,
electric automobiles, aircraft, space vehicles and all we purchase that has a mineral content.



Invest, Sponsor or Support The Green Program.