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Join our cutting edge technology and human capital based approach to resource development in the DR Congo and other mineral rich developing countries.

The Green Program is breaking through old barriers with a new Socioeconomic Benefits Business Model.  Improving profitability for resource development companies that include measurable socioeconomic benefits for the workers and people who live in the mining areas of the DR Congo and other resource rich developing economies of Africa deliver returns with a direct impact.  Providing services and training that deliver increased profitability through creatively dynamic socioeconomic solutions and compliance is a high growth market segment.  We add value to the supply chain with "Conflict Minerals Free", “Child Labor Free”, “Living Wage and Safety”, “Environmentally Responsibly Sourced” and "Corruption Free" certified minerals and related services.


Sponsorship and Support of our socioeconomic approach to resource development requires a substantial capacity building and education effort.  Join with us, so together we can turn the corner on the endless cycle of resource wars, human rights atrocities, child labor issues and widespread corruption.

Be an active partner so we can develop solutions that have a direct impact on the lives of people in the DR Congo and other resource rich developing countries in Africa.   Supporter level can be any amount.

Use the PayPal buttons on the right, so together we can be sure "Conflict, Poverty & Corruption Free" minerals, child labor and unsafe working conditions are removed from the minerals in the DR Congo and
other Resource Rich Developing Countries.

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minerals and products.


The Green Program designs tomorrow's ideas so they deliver solutions TODAY!

This content is not a solicitation for investment.  Private Placement Memorandum documentation is available on request.  The future phases of our Socioeconomic Business & Development Investment will exceed $25,000,000 and will focus on locally produced renewable energy and increasing local value-added content to the mineral supply chains in Africa.

Please note that there is a risk associated with this type of investment.  Please read all documentation very carefully and let us know of any concern.  


Impact Investment for Success   

When local communities risk conflict, poverty, corruption & environmental destruction then the profitability of resource development investments usually drops to zero.  This solution benefits no one.

Sponsor and work with us to deliver "Conflict, Poverty & Corruption Free", environmentally sound & transparent resource development solutions.  We build bridges that enhance resource development profitability by fostering measurable and  diverse local community benefits and needs.

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Supporter Level can be any amount and will be used in our Capacity Building and Educational Efforts to make "Conflict, Poverty & Corruption Free" minerals, Environmentally Sound & Transparent mining operations a global reality.

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