Profitability Solutions with a High Socioeconomic Impact

The Green Program designs and deploys high impact, cost efficient domestic and FDI solutions to businesses, governments and local communities. We specialize in profitability & compliance improvement, socioeconomic development, mineral sales & certification, local economic benefit outcome analysis, mining sector strategies, labor & crisis intervention resolution, security, forensic business & investment analysis and entrepreneurial training.

The Green Certification & Mineral Sourcing Program
Scientifically Based "Poverty, Conflict & Corruption Free" Mineral Certification & Sourcing Solution

We provide the only scientifically based mineral certification solution that sources direct from the mine sites in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other resource rich countries in Africa.  We provide a scientifically verified "closed loop" 3T&G (tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold)  "conflict minerals", cobalt, copper and precious and colored gemstones certification process.  Is your company wealthy enough to spend more for less SEC, OECD, EU, OFAC and FCPA compliance?  In 2014 none of the companies who relied on the industry standard "pencil and paper tagging" could report "DRC Conflict Free" products in their Conflict Minerals Report.

When you want DRC & global "Poverty, Conflict & Corruption Free" minerals and products ~ The Green Program's cost effective, transparent and scientifically based process is your only possible solution.  Don't be fooled by expensive pencil and paper based solutions that can never provide "chain of custody traceability"!  English    French     pdf File Downloads

The Green Monitoring Program
Real Time Slope Stability Monitoring Solution

The lose of life, wide-spread destruction of the environment and infrastructure because of man-made resource development is unnecessary and avoidable with proper monitoring.  The Green Monitoring Program cannot stop the earth from sliding or moving, however the risks are well known and documented.  We let you and the community know before there is loss of life and wide-spread environment destruction so timely action plans can be implemented.   Reasonable cost solutions that actually increase profitability is The Green Monitoring Solution.  Radar Interferometry, Landslide and mining support activities including a range of products to provide real-time alerts that save lives, increase operational profitability and add value to local, region & national governments, ASM, mid-tier, & large scale mining operationsMore...

The Green Program designs tomorrow's ideas so they deliver high impact solutions TODAY!


A new, practical Foreign Direct Investment model that improves livelihoods for people and increases profitability for resource development companies in conflict-affected and high-risk resource rich developing countries especially in Africa.  The SERD Model transforms operational inefficiencies, illegal financial flows, instability, the cultural effects of extreme poverty and corruption into a driving force for peace and stability to encourage the success of the Millennium Development Goals and the Africa Mining Vision.  More...