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Examples of "Old School Colonial Mining Practices" that resulted in multimillion dollar operating losses.
  DRC Militarization, Human Rights Violations and especially Poverty
is still increasing and directly financed by the products you buy

Source ~ 2014 - United Nation Group of Experts

Demand "Conflict, Poverty & Corruption Free" Electronics

Current "bag and tag" paper trail process is a failure.
Source ~ 2014 US Security & Exchange Commission Form SE Filings

Africa Socioeconomic Resource Development Thought Leadership

The new Socioeconomic Resource Development Model changes this dynamic to increase profitability while improving the socioeconomic benefit to the local populations in measurable way.

Several creatively dynamic solutions that form the foundation of our approach.  These are not "magic silver bullets" to end poverty in Africa, just thought leadership ideas of some of the many paths to approach resource development in Africa as if people matter as much as profitability.

White Paper describing a framework for resource development in North Kivu of the Democratic of the Congo (2009) (pdf file download)

All resource development investments should be required to develop 25% to 40% of their energy needs from locally produced renewable energy sources that can also benefit the local communities.
In the east of the DRC it is possible in the remote, off-grid mining areas to establish economical, bio-power electricity, improve the interior health of at-risk children & women and stop deforestation.  All practically possible as mineral resources are developed.

Bio-power and Charcoal Cooking Stove Substitution Project (pdf file download)

The Green Program "Conflict, Poverty & Corruption Free" minerals Certification Overview.

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Global Mine and Tailing Pond Failures that could have all benefited from The Green Monitoring Program