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The Green Monitoring Program ~ Real Time Slope Stability

The first commercial ground-based interferometric radar with linear scan capabilities. This ground-breaking product range was unique to the field as it was the first use of interferometric technology for dynamic and static monitoring of structures and earth environments. The interferometric radar products provide a unique solution to the problem of monitoring small movements in ground or structures, allowing remote, long range, continuous real-time measurement of large areas.  The IDS IBIS-FM and FMT instruments are economical, high quality, value adding tools for mine site and other landslide areas are alerted so people and equipment can stay safe.  As open-pit mines get deeper or rains destabilize slopes landslides and failures can occur with little or no warning. To address these situations, IDS has developed a unique radar system - IBIS-FM.  Continuously measuring mine wall/slope movements with sub-millimeter accuracy from distances up to 4 Km; Providing reliable early warning alerts for progressive wall/slope movements than can potentially lead to failure; Mapping the long term evolution of slow moving slopes. IBIS-FM and other systems are available for onsite deployment through METZCOMM Services LLS.  Follow Metzcomm information and the latest in radar and mining news at AppsTech_NewBus on TWITTER ..

When monitoring is necessary to save lives, equipment, property and mine site structure matters then you cannot hope everything will be ok.  Cost effective 24/7 slope monitoring with state of the art IBIS-FM and FMT equipment and Metzcomm deployment, monitoring, analysis with after sales service is your key to success and increased profitability.

The Green Program designs tomorrow's ideas so they deliver solutions TODAY!


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