The Green Team

The Green Team offers innovative and cutting edge services to global business and individuals in ways that large consulting firms can only dream about providing.  The pitfalls and nature of domestic and global operations require solutions that are more than an "off the shelf" approach that is so common in business.  Our experts work individually or as a team to provide you cost-effective solutions that answer your particular issues or problems.  We excel at strengthening profitability and sustainability for operations, investments, governments and communities with our expertise and attention to details.  Let us know how we can assist you.


William Quam - Vienna, Austria. "Bill's" experience in challenging environments (Alaska, E. Europe, and Rwanda/DRC) has allowed him to share his skills and experiences with a broad range of management and staff. His appropriate technology, and applied management experiences can be seen in his groundbreaking Green Program. See: Nordic Sun Worldwide website and LinkedIn Profile

John Metzger - Fishers, Indiana. John has over 7 years field experience as a slope radar (interferometry) specialist. He is familiar with real beam and synthetic aperature instruments. He has successfully initiated deployments and field trials across the USA, Canada, and in China. John has also worked in Africa (13 years) as an IT business entrpreneur, educator and journalist, He is a respected reference for opportunities in Eastern, Southern, and West Africa. See: Metzcomm Services Website and  LinkedIn Profile

Gregory Comes - Denver, Colorado. Greg offers a wealth of Senior Engineer experience to meet your geotechnical needs. Greg has worked with AMEC, GroundProbe, CODAK, GeoEye, US Army Corps of Engineers and other firms on geotechnical and geo-hydrological projects. He has a keen understanding of soils and structures across the USA. He has provided geotech and slope monitoring support in Africa, SA and NA. See: LinkedIn Profile

Ken Rippere - Western Part of the U.S.  Ken offers more than 40 years of experience in pit slope design, ground control and slope management, both as a consultant and in mine operations, his experience has suggested that stress relief, or simple relaxation, is the major factor in pit wall failures. See: LinkedIn Profile

Richard John Sutton - England. Richard, has gained a wide range of experiences during more than 15 years of dispersed, risk intensive deployments in unique environments. His outlook views each challenge as an opportunity to add value and excellence. His numerous short term contracts have included roles such as Project Director, Security Advisor, Consultant, Coordinator and Team Member.
He is competent at leading and directing security and deployment teams in order to achieve objectives in a timely, efficient and safe manner. He is fluent in English, Dutch and French. His readiness skills incluce - SSO/STCW95 via Black pearl in ex RAF base Sopely in Poole, EMT qualified, First Aid & Safety Qualifie/ Fire Fighting qualified. See: Richard John Sutton CV

The Green Program designs tomorrow's ideas so they deliver solutions TODAY!